MotoGP: An Argentina helmet special from Marquez


Time to look at some helmet art!

Marc Marquez promised something special for the first GP in Argentina for 15 years and here is the artwork:

2014 helmet marquez Argentina

Argentina x Marquez! A little South American flavour for Marquez at Round Three. Image in the public domain and shared via Marc Marquez at Facebook. Image used under fair use act for reporting purposes/editorial use only.

This design is so nice it’s a shame the blue didn’t cover more of the helmet. A nice tribute to Argentina, though if you live there it may cost a house to buy the no doubt soon-to-be-available replica, which is a shame.

All the usual graphpics are incorporated, number and ant, with great use of the race nations national flag to supply the colour palette for the rear of the helmet.

Glad it is a awesome and the design is at the back, it means everyone else should get to see plenty of it as we watch the rest of the field try to track him back down (although, this is MotoGP, so you never know…)

UPDATE: For more from the creator of this marvelous helmet head over to @nicoaffin (arts&customs) on Twitter or at !


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