Image of the GP- Argentina : What a start!


The start back in Austin made the headlines for all the wrong reasons as Jorge Lorenzo had some insect trouble at the lights.

Fast forward to Argentina and we have a brand new track and no clue what kind of racing to expect.

Thankfully the Rio Hondo track gave us three great races and although the final result eventually slipped back into Marquez domination, one of the closest, tightest, MotoGP openings for a very long time:

Embed from Getty Images

The first curve of the Argentina MotoGP Grand Prix and look how many riders are in the frame, huge mix of manufacturers and ‘classes’ of motorcycle too.

This got everyone buzzing and excited, so maybe there is a strong argument for changing up the calendar and throwing in some new tracks or rotations of circuits more often. The relatively even playing field of Rio Hondo certainly threw up a few surprises (Marquez not being one of them. But, hey – at least he took longer to hit the front!)

If you read Michael Laverty’s tweets the toilets may have been a bit suspicious, the anthems a bit wonky (or for Italian Fenati, err, French?!) and the marshals occasionally AWOL, but what a refreshing trio of races we were treated to.

Well done Argentina. You have hosted a great GP after a fifteen year absence.



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