Image of the GP: Jerez – Mind the Gap!


This post, love or hate, right or wrong for the sport is dedicated to the performance – or OUT-performance over his rivals – Marc Marquez has given us this season.

Yet, as with the Argentinian GP we started with something that looked like a race. Then it was back to domination:


Embed from Getty Images

The gap he can pull out is astounding. this time he even had to try a little racing to hit the front. Who can stop him? Rossi had a flourish of an idea but not the pace over the full distance, possibly an early challenge sowing the seed of doubt could work before the tyre/bike/rider has to give best? Maybe the only man who can beat Marquez is himself. (A fall is inevitable, surely?!)

All that can be said for sure is the numbers speak for themselves in 2014. Every pole converted to every win. 4/4. Let’s see what Le Mans can bring. (Rain, probably.)!!



  1. Watched the race sunday night and just thought can any one catch this kid and you say there is another Marquez waiting in the wings. It will be domination like MotoGP has never seen.
    he is just so much faster than anyone around him. incredible… -jp-

    ps it must be slightly demoralizing for Padrosa…

    and by the way What is it with Spain producing such good rides????


    1. Thanks for the comment JP, that could be a domination unlike any sport has seen before!

      I think Spain have responded to a huge gap where bike racing had a decidedly American/ Italian feel.
      I guess it comes in waves – Britain didn’t have too much to shout about in MotoGP/500cc since Barry Sheene, now we have a few successful, capable riders. Spain had to wait since Criville won – the first Spaniard to win the title- in 1999 and now they are spoiled for talent. Countries who have always had a successful rider on the go – USA/Japan/Australia – are only now beginning to see some talent pushing through in the lower classes or sideways from other championships.

      Agreed, I wouldn’t fancy Pedrosa’s job much, can’t blame the bike if you have the one the leader has!

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