MotoGP: Le Mans – Can anyone halt Marquez in 2014?


With consecutive wins at every round to kick off his season Marc Marquez looks unbeatable. Ahead of Le Mans here’s a look at his peerless start and who can challenge his current dominance of MotoGP.

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The full version of this story looking at the amazing start Marquez has had to the season, his records and who now, or in the future may rival him is available at Paddock Chatter, just click the link for more.

Here’s a taster to get started:

The achievements are incredible.

And that’s just this year. Marc Marquez has won all four of the MotoGP rounds held so far this season. No matter where in the world the paddock has been he has put his Repsol Honda on pole and crossed the line in first place for a perfect record.

If Marquez hits the rostrum again in Le Mans it will become his 60th podium appearance.

In that time the Spaniard has been victorious with broken bones, from the back of the pack, and come back from vision issues to win.

All the time the Emilio Alzamora protege has made it look easy with his ever present smile in place…

…Honda have hit gold and have rewarded their young charge with a new two-year contract. That leaves him in place to lead the way for them until 2016. His first season with all the track data under his belt and his riding style refined has seen him move from amazing to invincible.

The sport has had dominant figures before – Valentino Rossi won his numerous titles while his personality kept the masses mainly onside. The big difference is the chasing pack often had a sniff at victory.

The Marquez way of winning is something not seen for a long time.

The most recent rider to clock up five consecutive wins is still on track, and is Rossi. The Italian won from Laguna Seca onward in 2008. Despite his own return to form his thoughts in the press conference ahead of Le Mans were that for Marquez “four wins is enough!”.

It is rarer still to start a season so well. Australian legend Mick Doohan also won the first four rounds of the 1992 championship season, Marquez however still has a long way to go to hit his benchmark of ten wins in succession in 1997.

His fellow countrymen seem short of answers too…

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