MotoGP: Le Mans – home riders special helmets and colours


Vive Le France!

There’s nothing like a home Grand Prix to warrant some special racing gear and the French riders in Le Mans are no exception and they’ve been showing off thier wares on social media, here’s a round up:

Former 125cc Champion Mike Di Meglio has a special helmet with a green strip filled with pictures sent in to feature on his helmet, a nice touch and involving for his fans:

Taking things to a whole other level this weekend is Johann Zarco, a true Le Mans local, who is running his leathers and bike in colours paying tribute to former French 250cc Champion Christian Sarron:

This makes Zarco’s bike an interesting mix of Sarron’s 1984 colours and his current AirAsia Caterham paint job, celebrating the 30th anniversary of his win.

Here’s some more info from the press release from Johann Zarco:

“Its 30 years since Christian Sarron won the 250cc World Championship in 1984.

“Since I began racing in the World Championship, my manager and I often look back at the older riders as an example, to learn about what they did with the bikes they had and we have a lot of respect for their achievements.

“I read about Christian a few years ago and I have also watched some of the footage of him racing, which is why I know the story. Moto2 is similar to the 250 class in that it is the middle category and so as a French rider in the Championship today I felt it was only right to pay tribute to Christian Sarron with this livery for the Le Mans GP.”

While Sarron has the following to add:

“I feel very honoured that Johann is running my colours here at Le Mans. I saw the pictures already and I thought wow that looks very nice!

“He doesn’t need these colours to bring him luck but he deserves a win anyway. It’s a long time that I have been watching him race, since working at Eurosport and before. He rides beautifully and if only it could be here at his home Grand Prix that he can take first place, I will be very pleased”.


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