Image of the GP: Le Mans – A worm, a tap and Bautista!


The thing you usually remember about Le Mans is that it was wet. Probably even if it wasn’t as it has the habit of raining on the grand prix THAT often.

No rain meant one of the most action packed race days so far this season. So much so that I believe that each class should have their own ‘Image of the GP’ this time around.

First up was Moto3 and even by it’s own exciting standards it was a race to remember. Jack Miller had clearly decided that there was no room for manners after his clash with Fenati a few weeks ago and took no prisoners on his way to victory, which has left Efren Vazquez a little peeved to say the least. For his third hard earned win he celebrated in style, something lacking of late, and even busted out ‘The Worm’:

No worm in Moto2 but we did see a cool Kallio ease to victory, which raised a rare smile on the Finn’s face. Not everyone was as calm and collected though. Here’s Tech3 rider Ricky Cardus getting a ‘tap’ on the head from a frustrated Mattia Pasini:

Finally, MotoGP. Marc Marquez won, and was as record breakingly awesome as ever. Rossi looks to be on the way to finding an answer and was a wonderful second.

Is it down to contract time being upon us? Was it Athletico Madrid that spurred him on?
Who knows – but Alvaro Bautista was back on the podium all the same, possibly making it the happiest podium in history:

Embed from Getty Images

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