MotoGP: Melanie Sykes officially leaves BT Sport coverage

British TV based post warning! (Sorry international readers!)


With Fridays anchor-less coverage of round six at Mugello underway and all the clues in place BT Sport moved today to confirm that Melanie Sykes was no longer going to be at the helm of their MotoGP coverage.

The daytime TV regular had been absent at the previous Le Mans round due to ‘personal circumstances’ and her replacements impressed.  One of those replacements was Craig Doyle; motorsport presenter and MotoGP Tonight host; who revealed he was not covering the Isle of Man TT on Sunday and would be working at BT Sport instead:

Tweet ITV4 Craig Doyle

Removed, but not at ITV4, who clearly love their presenters work – and his tweets! image in the public domain via the ITV4 Twitter feed. Used under the fair use act for reporting purposes. Editorial use only.

He will be fronting the coverage for this weekend at the very least and due to his popularity and knowledge is a good bet to deservedly keep the position.

BT Sport - Presenters - Melanie Sykes

As they were: The BT Sport team, including Sykes, centre Image from BT Sport’s original promotion campaign on Twitter at @btsportmotogp


The BT Sport statement:

“We regret to say that Mel Sykes will no longer be a part of the presenting team on MotoGP for BT Sport.  BT Sport’s approach is to operate a team of presenters and experts who work across both live and magazine programmes.  Mel has other broadcasting commitments which prevent her from being able to do this and as a result working across BT Sport MotoGP programming is no longer viable. We wish Mel all the best in the future.”

So after just five rounds (well, four if you count out her Le Mans no-show) we see our first major change in the BT coverage of MotoGP and regardless of how it came about it is a well received one, especially in social media terms.

As their coverage continues to improve and impress it will be interesting to see what happens next…


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