Image of the GP: MotoGP, rodeo style!


With a close MotoGP race and excitement all the way from Moto3’s kick off to pretty much the final podium it was tough to pick an Image of the GP.

Aside from all the great rides from the winners there was Dani Pedrosa proving he still has a fighting instinct with his last lap do-or-die move, Jordi Torres landing his Aspar on Dominique Aegerter and Jonas Folger honorably putting racing aside to ensure he didn’t hit Luis Salom to be taken into account.

For style points if nothing else, Niklas Ajo and his Husqvarna in Moto3 nudge into the top spot as the save seemed impossible, but rodeo style, Mamola style, the Finn pulled it off:

It must be hard to come to terms with what looked to be a sure thing for a podium place vanish but the skill required to pull that Avant Tecno bike back around and finish in the points deserves to be looked at again too, so here’s some footage too:



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