Recommended viewing: Challenge 125 – A hidden gem.


This review is for a UK TV series which has ended, though repeats are still showing on the Community Channel (Sky 539, Virgin 233, Freeview 63, Freesat 651 or BT vision) or you can try their on demand service to catch up with every episode online.

Hidden away on the Community Channel there has been some t.v. entertainment worthy of a Wednesday night in.

Challenge 125 has been the second series under the ‘Easy Riders’ banner, the first – Viva Valencia – I knew I would like as I knew what it was all about.

It saw MotoVentures main man Steve Keys, TV legend Danny John-Jules ( Yes, Cat in Red Dwarf) and former MotoGP presenter for the BBC Matt Roberts ride their Pink Yamaha M1’s (Matt somehow managed to score Lorenzo’s sleeker black M1) through France and Spain all the way to Valencia for the final race of the year.

ace viva valencia

How it all began – Danny John-Jules, Matt Roberts and Steve Keys at the Ace Cafe ahead of what would become series one.

They started from the Ace Cafe and I had a great time attending to see them off. I knew the drill. I knew Randy Mamola would feature. Plus my arm was in episode one. Bonus.

Challenge 125 was a dip into the unexpected. I knew the idea of the show from following social media.

Steve Keys and Danny John-Jules returned for a new challenge. Take a non-rider, teach them to ride and then ride out to Valencia again on a 125cc bike with just 125 pounds in your pocket to get you there, all in.

Before you think that’s crazy talk, the challenge is all in aid of an extremely worthy cause. Riders For Health is a charity which enables health workers in Africa to have reliable transportation to provide healthcare. Visit for more information.

This second series is again narrated with ease and humour by Chris Barrie (Yes, Dwarf fans that’s double for you, Rimmer’s in too!) but the action helps him along the way.

From the X-Factor like choice of novice, where former 125cc rider and Isle Of Man participant Danny Webb steals the show, all the way through food bickering, sneaky burgers, dodgy karaoke attempts, Mr John-Jules’ legally debatable firestarting to the relief of arriving in Spain, there’s fun all the way despite the serious work of shepherding a novice around and the serious and welcome reminders of the charity it’s all in aid of.

This  review aims to not give too much away in the hope more people will discover and love the show too, it’s still available online and worth seeking out, there’s not many bike-based shows on the t.v. and it’s comic elements make it great entertainment.

It’s worth taking the chance to catch up now too, soon the boys will be launching the latest installment – series three – ‘Five Peaks Challenge’ – and it promises to be as good as Steve Keys and Danny John Jules this time enlist the help of female stunt rider Chesca Miles for their latest trip with series four already filming!

Need to know more?

Background to the current series can be found at the MotoVentures website.

Why not try Twitter for the latest,  @TheEasyRidersTV has all you need to know!








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