Nina Prinz to wildcard at the Sachsenring & the women of the MotoGP championship



As a visit to the Sachsenring looms for the MotoGP paddock ready for the German Grand Prix it has been revealed that 31-year old Nina Prinz will be a wildcard at the event.

She will not be the only woman in the paddock as Ana Carrasco is riding regularly in Moto3 this season and will also not be the first female to be handed a wildcard for the year as teenager Maria Herrera has run both of the Spanish rounds to date after success in her home Moto3 championship, moving her win tally in the CEV to three.

My full news style report on this can be found over at by clicking here.

It includes much more detail, including the lifting of the upper age limit at the end of last season which was also of  benefit to Sebastian Porto allowing him to ride at home in Argentina.

Writing that got me thinking about the other women of the world championship. It is easy to overlook what Carrasco is achieving in Moto3, this year she is one of a handful of riders struggling with the Kalex KTM. Her full potential on good machinery was laid bare when she finished eighth in the final round of last year.

Her points tally topples that of any other female attempting success in the male dominated sport the Spaniard so clearly enjoys.

Prinz is also not the first German woman to have a stab at championship success…

For more the full article detailing all the successes with the mention of a few other excellent female riders for good measure is at Paddock Chatter and available in full here.





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