Image of the GP, Germany: a fight, a fire and a frenzy!


There was a lot going on in all the classes over the course of the German Grand Prix races aside from the wins, you can read about those in my earlier post here.

So what made the most spectacular viewing away from the actual race battles and results? Here’s a class-by-class breakdown!

Moto3 had a dominant winner, a podium debut, some great performances by the Brits and not a Spaniard in sight on the podium.

Away from all that excellence the Dutch pair of Scott Deroue and Bryan Schouten collided resulting in this:

Embed from Getty Images

Schouten was awarded two penalty points for hitting Deroue, while the incident recieved both broadsheet and tabliod attention around the world, which is great if they reported on the rest, but a bit of a skewed view of the sport if you don’t even carry a motorsport section. (Hello, Daily Mail. )

Moto2 decided it needed to top that and came up with… a moving fireball!


‘Following a positive warm-up’ is usually an innocuous statement in a press release but the AirAsia Caterham was about to get a whole lot warmer when Johann Zarco pushed too hard and it spectacularly caught fire as the Suter tumbled through the gravel.

The whole Moto2 race was excellent with a new winner in the class and a great race to the line and battles all down the field. There was again not a single Spanish rider inside the top three, very unusual.

So MotoGP had to give something extra. Something not seen before. PIT LANE START!


And if you think that image is amazing check out the grid.



The rain came for the start of MotoGP at the Sachsenring, as it did in Assen, and left everyone in a confused frenzy. Normal service was restored when Marc Marquez found his way to the front, though Michael LAverty got the pleasure of second for a short while.


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