MotoGP: Monster reveal Lorenzo’s Indianapolis helmet


The summer break is done for all of us and MotoGP returns this weekend in the USA at the IMS – Indianapolis Motor Speedway to you and I, and as I’ll be typing a lot this weekend I’m going with ‘Indy’.

Jorge Lorenzo is officially off holidays ( he even went hashtag crazy with #ByeByeHolidays so you know he means business!) and back at Yamaha with a new contract that was announced with more of a whimper than a bang despite the PR machines best efforts as it wasn’t much of a secret.

The Spaniard has even taken to flogging his sunglasses via social media with a handsome discount code to boot. But Lorenzo is now the frontrunner of the special helmet brigade! Not a market salesman! Never fear. He just hasn’t told you about it as Monster were left to do the work for him:

Sticking with the snakes it appears to be some type of metal take on his mamba theme.

Hopefully there will be some more specials this weekend that are yet to be revealed. It’s becoming less frequent in the USA with less Americans in the top class of racing. Sadly for all the MotoGP family tomorrow will include a Special livery for Colin Edwards final American race. All good things come to an end but after a long run in the championship the paddock will be missing some character. With Nicky Hayden out injured there will be no United States rider in MotoGP in Brno.



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