MotoGP: Nicky Hayden’s book promo helmet at Indy


Not letting recovery and not racing get in the way of a great marketing opportunity Nicky Hayden is still giving all the American fans as much as he can ahead of his home round of the MotoGP championship in Indianapolis.

Missing the next couple of races while recovering from having bones removed from his troubled hand to make it more flexible ( he is being replaced by Briton Leon Camier) you could expect to find the fan favourite with his feet up but Nicky will instead be holding Honda meet and greets on Friday and Saturday and getting down to business. The family business.

Earl Hayden, Nicky’s dad has written a book chronicling his racing family – all the Hayden’s can ride a bike, not just Nicky, Tommy and Roger Lee the multi-title winning Hayden Brothers.

The book entitled ‘The First Family Of Racing’ was launched by Earl himself at the start of the Indy weekend in a press conference, while Nicky contributed this lovely bit of advertising for his Fathers work:

Hayden’s Starline special is once again a beautiful creation by Roberto Marchionni with a healthy dose of Camouflage as seen on many of Nicky’s recent popular helmet designs, the book title and the ‘Earl’s Racing Team’ logo used on many of the Items purchasable to support the brothers in the Hayden General Store. The photo montage from the book cover is also prominent on one side while a large ’69’ plate covers the other. The barcode is a nice touch too.

I can’t review the book yet but if it is half as good as the now hard to find ( especially outside the U.S.) OWB to MotoGP it will be worth a read, the Hayden’s are an entertaining bunch!

Finally, here is a statement from the books press release where Earl Hayden reveals the best thing about his project – it’s for a great cause –

“I’ve been blessed to have a great life so far, and I’m happy to have the opportunity to share it,” said Earl, who is donating his portion of the proceeds from this book to St. Joseph’s Peace Mission for Children, an emergency shelter for abused children in the Hayden family’s hometown of Owensboro, Ky. “I’m really passionate about this charity, and I hope to see it do well. If this book can entertain people and help make a difference, I’ll be tickled pink.”

For those interested the book can be found at the Hayden Bros General Store and also on Amazon.



  1. Very true, same here in the UK. It may arrive here one day but have ordered books from US Amazon before and the postage can be a bit pricey depending on what you buy but they do deliver just about everywhere, quickly too.

    Hayden Bros. Store will ship internationally too so quite easy to get, but for a price.

    That’s still a lot less than the older book on them though – starting price of $100 as it’s rare at least this is $17-20 before postage woes kick in! 🙂

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