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Image of the GP – Race Edition – Mind The (invisible) Gap! + Race Reports


In terms of spectacle you’d never beat Barbera’s antics on the new ducati, more on that here, but all three classes today had their share of memorable moments, my favourite being this rather unexpexcted duel for the podium places:


What a difference the rain makes!

For more on what happened in Moto3 and Moto2 click on the relevant title to take you to my detailed reports written during the race for For a summary of both condensed in one place click here to visit Paddock Chatter.

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MotoGP 2015 provisional calendar released!

A really short post to say that it’s time to start thinking about you holiday plans now for 2015 if they include catching some MotoGP as the 2015 calendar has been released!

See it in full here.

Image of the GP – Aragon: Barbera on fire (literally)

Ok, so image of the GP hasn’t had an airing for a while, a mixture of illness and engagements have left me short of time (you can all still picture that Rossi win in Misano well yourselves, right? Great stuff!).

So to make up for that here’s an image of the GP for Aragon, a bit early, but that I’m pretty sure the riders at MotorLand will struggle to match it – not every day you see this:


That brand new Ducati sure gave Hector Barbera more than he was expecting! On a serious note those of you who thought he appeared to be fanning away invisible flames should look away now – the Spainiard may have walked away relatively unharmed but picked up some battle scars – warning – burns in his next tweeted image:

It ended up not being the only drama of the day with Kenny Noyes Moto2 bike also giving off flames, while Taka Nakagami came dangerously close, spurting fuel on the track.

It’s great that riders stand more chance of avoiding injury from these type of accident now, the pictures act as a very real reminder of a not too often seen but very dangerous part of racing.



Aragon qualifying reports…


…Available now!

Moto3 was a session of crashes and breakdowns, while Moto2 provided us with a new pole-sitter, want to find out more?

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Here’s some links to help!


My full race reports from earlier in the day are at, click here for Moto3, and for Moto2 here? Not so much of a reader, or in a hurry? Try my joint, shorter round up for both over at paddock chatter – here!

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Misano race reports…

Online now!


Okay, MotoGP was really good, and because of the very special winner it is easy to forget or have missed the great races that went before.

So if you want to catch up or discover the ‘new’ Rossi or Marquez before they hit the big time why not try giving one of these a read?

Full live race reports from this morning for can be found by clicking here for Moto3 or here for Moto2.

For a smaller digest of the mornings events there is also my combined shorter report for Paddock Chatter here.

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MotoGP Misano qualifying reports…

Miss qualifying for the Moto3 and Moto2 classes in Misano?

Here’s some links to change that!

Both of the support classes had some great tense action on Saturday my race reports for Moto3 and Moto2 have the most detail, just click the links, or for a summary of both you can also catch up on the days events at Paddock Chatter, again just click for more.

MotoGP Misano: First look at Rossi’s handprint helmet

It’s Misano, a local race for Valentino Rossi and his special helmet for the weekend is one of his best.

The helmet is covered by handprints which were made by his mechanics, his dogs paw prints his cats prints too and the two kisses, representing his mother and his girlfriend. The fingerprints on the AGV helmets design belong to the artist and his friend Aldo Drudi.

The Italian phrase on the helmet reads ‘Misano ti da una mano’, which translates as ‘Misano helps you’.

At the circuit named after his late friend and fellow racer Marco Simoncelli, it is lovely to see the number 58 right in the middle at the back, where hopefully it will get a lot of airtime this weekend as the Yamaha rider chases down his rivals.

One of Rossi’s best? Here’s some images to help you decide for yourself:

Chris’s Sport on Freeview Guide – Issue 6

Keeping a variety of sport on tv in a way it is accessible to all is key to development of future talent and gaining and keeping an audience. If you can’t see a sport you can’t expect a dedicated and growing following.

So, as MotoGP was lucky to stay on Freeview on ITV4 in a last minute deal – they show the race in full the following day and highlights of the Moto3 and Moto2 support classes, it was a pleasure to discuss it’s presence on UK tv with Chris’s Sport on Freeview blog. Here’s how the conversation went.

P.S. sorry international readers, I commiserate and am very aware that although we now do not have our main coverage in full on a main free-to-air channel many of you are much worse off, not just with MotoGP but with many sports, hopefully more sport will be accessible to all in the future.

Sport on Freeview UK

Hello all – this week we start off with an interview!  We’re speaking with Lisa Lewis, who has a brilliant blog site at – all devoted to the wonderful world of MOTO GP.


Picture – With kind permission of LisaLewisWrites (Twitter)

Chris – Moto GP coverage has switched from BBC to BT now – in your opinion how does the coverage fare on BT?


Lisa – The coverage BT Sport has provided, with practice, qualifying and the race all covered  for all three world championship classes and the supporting MotoGP tonight show in the  week is both in-depth and expert.  As the new broadcaster they are on a massive learning curve to find out what viewers want  from their coverage and more is expected as it is now a pay-to-view sport on the channel where the BBC was accessible to all allowing casual viewers to dip in and get…

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