Image of the GP – Aragon: Barbera on fire (literally)

Ok, so image of the GP hasn’t had an airing for a while, a mixture of illness and engagements have left me short of time (you can all still picture that Rossi win in Misano well yourselves, right? Great stuff!).

So to make up for that here’s an image of the GP for Aragon, a bit early, but that I’m pretty sure the riders at MotorLand will struggle to match it – not every day you see this:


That brand new Ducati sure gave Hector Barbera more than he was expecting! On a serious note those of you who thought he appeared to be fanning away invisible flames should look away now – the Spainiard may have walked away relatively unharmed but picked up some battle scars – warning – burns in his next tweeted image:

It ended up not being the only drama of the day with Kenny Noyes Moto2 bike also giving off flames, while Taka Nakagami came dangerously close, spurting fuel on the track.

It’s great that riders stand more chance of avoiding injury from these type of accident now, the pictures act as a very real reminder of a not too often seen but very dangerous part of racing.




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