Qatar 2015 – determination required, drama guaranteed!

MotoGP gave us one of it’s greatest races in a long time, and a very Italian podium, but the Spanish domination had vanished in all three world championship classes, they did not feature once on the podium in Qatar (though all the Spanish Moto3 and Moto2 rookies look VERY promising).


Reporting on the support classes is always enjoyable, both races had winners who had not won before in that class thanks to a mixture of talent and luck. Behind them riders got the chance to excel on their new machines, while other faltered at the final hurdle.

Moto3 saw experienced ‘veteran’ of the class Alexis Masbou claim his first Moto3 win, just his second ever victory at 27 , Moto2 saw Sam Lowes dominance come to nothing, the reigning champion Rabat also falling and Zarco be let down by his machinery. One of the few other riders to drop a sub two minute lap, Jonas Folger was perfectly poised to pick up the pieces there.

But who else impressed? Who bagged a trophy?

To catch up with the action, try these reports (I again, lovingly created!)

Crash is the destination for detail, as reported live directly after the session reports for Moto2 and Moto3, just click the links to be immersed in all you could wish to know about the Qatar action so far:

Less time? Try the shorter version at PaddockChatter


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