Month: December 2015

Report: ITV to take over BBC’s F1 TV coverage from 2016

A gem of UK broadcasting interest from the excellent F1 Broadcasting blog again, will be following this with interest to see what unfolds, and certainly worthy of a re-blog.

The F1 Broadcasting Blog

Broadcast are reporting this evening that the BBC are to exit broadcasting Formula 1 on television with immediate effect, with ITV taking over their coverage from 2016.

This has yet to be confirmed. As soon as we have any news, I will update this blog. My gut instinct though is that the report is true, and that ITV will confirm this officially tomorrow (Friday 18th December). That is my opinion, I’m not privvy to anything that is not currently in the public domain.

If the news is true, it marks the end of BBC’s return to covering Formula 1 on television, which started back in 2009. Alongside the various news stories that have been covered recently, the news earlier this week that BBC’s Euro 2016 picks run right through the Canadian Grand Prix window mean that the BBC were not planning to pick the race live. Of course, that is…

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