MotoGP Jerez Race Reports…


…Are online now!

Want to know who made the podium in Moto2 and Moto3?Here is all the information:

My Moto3 race report at crash.net can be found here, and Moto2 here.

For a brief summary of the two there is also my shorter combined round up for both classes over at Paddock Chatter, something for everyone – just follow the links!

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MotoGP Argentina Race Reports…


…Are online now!

I wish I still had the time to re-write a different round up of the action for my blog but on race day my keyboard is required elsewhere!

Here’s how to catch up on the action:

Want to know who made the podium in Moto2 and Moto3?

My Moto3 race report at crash.net can be found here, and Moto2 here.

For a brief summary of the two there is also my shorter combined round up for both classes over at Paddock Chatter, something for everyone – just follow the links!

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MotoGP 2014: Qatar – Who to watch out for in Moto3 and Moto2


A very short post just to point you in the direction of my Moto3 and Moto2 previews over at Paddock Chatter, giving a review of the top contenders for the Qatar race weekend.

More here (Moto3): http://www.paddockchatter.com/2014/03/moto3-preview-whos-likely-to-feature.html

(Moto2): http://www.paddockchatter.com/2014/03/moto2-whos-who-in-intermediate-class.html

So far in Moto3 the return of Romano Fenati is looking good and the Estrella Galicia pairing of Alex Marquez and Alex Rins are looking good too. Moto2 meanwhile is far more open so far…

Moto3 and Moto2 Practice results online now!

Well Marquez did astoundingly well for a rookie on Indianapolis’ opening day of action (now the norm) but what happened in Moto3 and Moto2 at The Brickyard?

A new lap record in Moto3 (already!) and a massive crash for Espargaro in Moto2, that’s what!

For the full run down my race reports are now available for both Moto3 and Moto2 at crash.net, just click the links for more, and why not get involved and like/share/discuss/comment too!

For the full experience, the Espargaro video is here (free MotoGP login required!)

Jerez Moto2 and Moto3 testing round-up

The second test for Moto2 and Moto3 is well under way now in Jerez and after some more unusual results in the wet of day one where the Ambrogio Racing team lead the way in Moto3, with Brit Danny Webb at the top of the timesheets, normal service was resumed on day two when Maverick Vinales and Pol Espargaro lead the way in their relevant classes.

I am writing detailed day by day test reports for bike racing website Paddock Chatter, so for more information and to find out who will be the ones to watch in 2013 follow the links, where you can comment too!

Day one (wet):



Day two:



Moto3: Vinales stays on top at Valencia test

Vinales put the chaotic end to last season well and truly behind him setting himself up as the man to beat by dominating testing for KTM.

Maverick Vinales IRTA official Moto3 test JHK Laglisse KTM

Vinales shows he’s the one to beat for the 2013 season as KTM continue to dominate.
Image by Circuit da la Valencia via Facebook

All the riders set their best times on day three, KTM/Kalex KTM still dominate the top ten with for of the top five times and six bike in the top ten, noticable progress was made by the Mahindra team with Efren Vazquez eighth fastest and his Portuguese team mate Miguel Oliveira in tenth.

British rider John McPhee also made the top ten for Caretta Technology, his team mate Jack Miller also impressed by lacing his FTR Honda fifth fastest on the final day at the Ricardo Tormo track.

Danny Webb was 20th for Ambrogio Racing and female rider Ana Carrasco progressed back up the list with her improved time placing her 16th in the standings.

The next official Moto3 test is to be held at Jerez, 19-21 February

Full day three times below:

1. Maverick Viñales SPA JHK t-shirt Laglisse (KTM) 1m 39.299s
2. Alex Rins SPA Estrella Galicia 0’0 (KTM) 1m 39.585s
3. Luis Salom SPA Red Bull KTM Ajo (KTM) 1m 39.669s
4. Jonas Folger GER Mapfre Aspar Team Moto3 (Kalex KTM) 1m 40.050s
5. Jack Miller AUS Caretta Technology-RTG (FTR Honda) 1m 40.291s
6. Romano Fenati ITA San Carlo Team Italia (FTR Honda) 1m 40.428s
7. Alex Marquez SPA Estrella Galicia 0’0 (KTM) 1m 40.468s
8. Efren Vazquez SPA Mahindra Racing (Mahindra) 1m 40.495s
9. John McPhee GBR Caretta Technology-RTG (FTR Honda) 1m 40.510s
10. Miguel Oliveira POR Mahindra Racing (Mahindra) 1m 40.526s
11. Jakub Kornfeil CZE Redox RW Racing GP (Kalex KTM) 1m 40.543s
12. Zulfahmi Khairuddin MAL Red Bull KTM Ajo (KTM) 1m 40.564s
13. Brad Binder RSA Ambrogio Racing (Suter Honda) 1m 40.728s
14. Livio Loi BEL Marc VDS Racing Team (Kalex KTM) 1m 40.750s
15. Arthur Sissis AUS Red Bull KTM Ajo (KTM) 1m 40.918s
16. Ana Carrasco SPA JHK t-shirt Laglisse (KTM) 1m 40.946s
17. Francesco Bagnaia ITA San Carlo Team Italia (FTR Honda) 1m 41.028s
18. Philipp Oettl GER Paddock TT Motion Events (Kalex KTM) 1m 41.109s
19. Juan Guevara SPA CIP (TSR Honda) 1m 41.165s
20. Danny Webb GBR Ambrogio Racing (Suter Honda) 1m 41.165s
21. Lorenzo Baldassarri ITA Team GO&FUN Gresini Moto3 (FTR Honda) 1m 41.176s
22. Isaac Viñales SPA Bimbo-Ongetta-Centro Seta (FTR Honda) 1m 41.196s
23. Niklas Ajo FIN Avant Tecno (KTM) 1m 41.250s
24. Matteo Ferrari ITA Ongetta-Centro Seta (FTR Honda) 1m 41.327s
25. Toni Finsterbusch GER Kiefer Racing (Kalex KTM) 1m 41.511s
26. Jasper Iwema NED RW Racing GP (Kalex KTM) 1m 41.515s
27. Eric Granado BRA Mapfre Aspar Team Moto3 (Kalex KTM) 1m 41.526s
28. Alessandro Tonucci ITA Team La Fonte Tascaracing (Honda) 1m 41.969s
29. Hyuga Watanabe JPN Team La Fonte Tascaracing (Honda) 1m 42.169s
30. Alan Techer FRA CIP (TSR Honda) 1m 42.334s
31. Niccolo Antonelli ITA Team GO&FUN Gresini Moto3 (FTR Honda) 1m 42.670s

Moto3: Vinales remains in control for second day of Valencia testing

KTM/ Kalex KTM machines dominated the second day of testing with seven bikes in the top ten at the Ricardo Tormo circuit in Valencia, with Laglisse rider Maverick Vinales still fastest.

Maverick Vinales IRTA official Moto3 test JHK Laglisse KTM

Vinales leads the way
Image via Circuit de la Comunitat Valencia via their official facebook page

The Spanish teenagers lap of 1m 40.168 was sixth tenths faster than his own best time from day one and now a over a whole second faster than the 2012 qualifying time, set by Jonas Folger.

Alex Rins, Louis Salom and Romano Fenati all join Vinales under the 1m 41 mark, with Fenati improving by almost a second and a half on his time from yesterday.

Fenati in fourth, Brad Binder in ninth and Miguel Oilveira in tenth are the only non-KTM entries to break the top ten fastest times on day two.

Malaysian rider Zulfahmi Khairuddin remained on the pace in fifth, Alex Marquez moves up to sixth fastest and denonstrating how close the times are Ana Carrasco improved by nearly half a second on the time which put her twelfth on day one and finds herself 24th on the final timesheets for Wednesday, just under two and a half seconds off her team mates stellar pace at the top.

Full day two result:

1- Maverick Vinales 1m 40.168
2- Alex Rins + 0.240
3- Luis Salom + 0.267
4- Romano Fenati + 0.743
5- Zulfahmi Khairuddin + 0.793
6- Alex Marquez + 1.127
7- Jonas Folger + 1.422
8- Jakub Kornfeil + 1.499
9- Brad Binder + 1.617
10- Miguel Oliveira + 1.734
11- Jack Miller + 1.941
12- Isaac Vinales + 1.966
13- Jasper Iwema + 2.014
14- Efren Vazquez + 2.033
15- Arthur Sissis + 2.130
16- Danny Webb + 2.160
17- Juanfran Guevara + 2.178
18- Matteo Ferrari + 2.275
19- John McPhee + 2.278
20- Livio Loi + 2.307
21- Philipp Ottl + 2.406
22- Francesco Bagnaia + 2.409
23- Niklas Ajo + 2.456
24- Ana Carrasco + 2.487
25- Eric Granado + 2.504
26- Alan Techer + 2.901
27- Toni Finsterbusch + 2.914
28- Lorenzo Baldassarri + 3.088
29- Alessandro Tonucci + 3.913
30- Niccolò Antonelli + 4.230
31- Hyuga Watanabe + 4.296
32- Alexis Masbou + 4.479


Provisional 2013 Moto3 entry list announced

The FIM has released the 2013 provisional riders list with 32 names announced for the class. The list, grouped here by team to see who is riding with who, reveals that Mahindra remain the only bike on the grid not to use Honda or KTM power, Zulfahmi Khairuddin moves into the main Red Bull KTM Ajo team and lists Ana Carrasco as the only female racer in the paddock at Laglisse, where she is partner to Maverick Vinales. Brazilian teen Eric Granado moves down a class after appearing in Moto2 last season after his sixteenth birthday, he now rides at Aspar alongside Jonas Folger.

Here’s the full list:

Team Italia FMI (FTR Honda)
4 Francesco Bagnaia (ITA)
5 Romano Fenati (ITA)

Mahindra Racing (Mahindra)

44 Miguel Oliveira (POR)
7 Efren Vazquez (SPA)


Racing Team Germany

8 Jack Miller (AUS)

17 John McPhee (GBR)


JHK T-Shirt Laglisse (KTM)

22 Ana Carrasco (SPA)

25 Maverick Vinales (SPA)


Mapfre Aspar Team Moto3 (Kalex KTM)

57 Eric Granado (BRA)

94 Jonas Folger (GER)

Kiefer Racing (Kalex KTM)

9 Toni Finsterbusch (GER)
66 Florian Alt (GER)

Estrella Galicia 0’0 (KTM)

42 Alex Rins (SPA)

12 Alex Marquez (SPA)

Caretta Technology (Honda)
19 Alessandro Tonucci (ITA)

29 Hyuga Watanabe (JPN )

Go & Fun Gresini Moto3 (FTR Honda)
23 Niccolo Antonelli (ITA)
77 Lorenzo Baldassarri (ITA)

Ongetta Team (FTR Honda)
32 Isaac Vinales (SPA) (Bimbo – Ongetta-Centro)

3 Matteo Ferrari (ITA) (Ongetta-Centro Seta)


Red Bull KTM Ajo (KTM)
39 Luis Salom (SPA)
61 Arthur Sissis (AUS)
63 Zulfahmi Khairuddin (MAL)

RW Racing GP (Kalex KTM)
53 Jasper Iwema (NED) RW Racing GP

84 Jakub Kornfeil (CZE) Redox RW Racing GP

Ambrogio Racing (Suter Honda) (WorldWide Communication team)
41 Brad Binder (RSA)
99 Danny Webb (GBR)

CIP Team (TSR Honda)

89 Alan Techer (FRA )

58 Juanfran Guevara (SPA)

Paddock TT Motion (Kalex KTM)

65 Philipp Oettl (GER)

Marc VDS Racing Team (Kalex KTM)

11 Livio Loi (BEL)

Avant Tecno (KTM)

31 Niklas Ajo (FIN)

Romano Fenati back with Team Italia for 2013

After narrowly missing out on the accolade of ‘rookie of the year’ to Alex Rins after a close battle between the two this season, Italian teenager Romano Fenati can celebrate a secure future instead with the news he is confirmed to ride for his current team Team Italia FMI for the 2013 season.

The Italian teenager impressed in his rookie year with a string of strong results, including a race win at a wet Jerez and three further podium finishes.

Team Italia have made it their goal to nurture new Italian riders as there were few coming through the system after Andrea Iannone and the late Marco Simoncelli and have revealed that Fenati will have a new team mate next season in the shape of 15 year old Francesco Bagnaia, who will be sixteen during the winter break so able to race from the start of the season unlike new Marc VDS Moto3 signing Livio Loi or Eric Granado in this year’s Moto2 championship.

Bagnaia currently race in the CIV Moto3 Spanish championship and is third before the final round for the Monlau Competicion squad where he was the partner to championship winner Alex Marquez.

More on Fenati’s achievements so far here:


Moto3: Kent steals win in dramatic final corner at Valencia

Valencia gave us an all KTM podium with Brit Danny Kent leading the way after catching championship winner Sandro Cortese by surprise going into the final corner and despite the German riders frantic final effort to slipstream back, the Tech3 Moto2 bound Englishman took the top step of the podium, meanwhile a courageous race from 17th saw Malaysian rider Zulfahmi Khairuddin move through the pack, overtaking Brad Binder late on for third.

For a full fact packed race report follow the link to crash.net where you can comment and debate on all the action from the final Moto3 race of the season: