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A final post to link to some great qualifying to write about, and hopefully read, can’t believe the last race of the season is here already!

For detailed as live Moto3 and Moto2 reports visit, click here for battle to the last in Moto3 and here for a record breaking Moto2.

For a combined, shorter report covering both try


Just Up? Catch up on the Sepang races here!

Moto2 saw the title decided and Moto3 was a thriller so here’s some links to help you catch up if you could only just about make it out of bed for the main event (extra tricky with the clocks changing!)

My main Moto3 and Moto2 race reports are done as-live and can be found at, click here for Moto3 and here for Moto2.

They also have very comprehensive coverage of MotoGP so worth a click whatever your interests to comment, like, tweet and get involved, the more the merrier!

For a round up of both the support classes here’s a combined summary for Paddock Chatter.


Not an early bird? get your Sepang reports here!

The flyaway rounds are coming to a close but if an early morning qualifying wasn’t for you here’s some catch up reports before race day for the Malaysian Grand Prix rounds!

My early morning detailed race reports for are the most comprehensive way to catch up on events, you can check out Moto2 here and Moto3 here. The site also carries all the info on the main race so why not comment, like tweet and get involved!

For a briefer digest of the morning in the support classes you can also check out my Moto2 and Moto3 round -up for Paddock Chatter here.

MotoGP race reports for the early Australian Grand Prix are online now


The Australian MotoGP weekend brought three enthralling races, with MotoGP repeated I won’t spoil the result, but if you are looking to catch up on the sports future stars of Moto2 and Moto3 here are some race reports to help you catch up!

My full race reports are wriiten as the action happened so for full details of what happened in Moto3, click here or for Moto2 here.

You can also check out a shorter, combined report over at Paddock Chatter by clicking here.

You will also find the opportunity to discuss the races in the comments section or via the social media buttons on each article, allowing you to chat with other race fans about the days events.

MotoGP Phillip Island too early? Catch up here!


Rabat on Record form. Image via Marc VDS.

Rabat on Record form.
Image via Marc VDS.

The flyaways are pretty tough on fans in Europe, three weekends in a row of early mornings!

If you missed any of the Moto3 or Moto2 qualifying action here’s some links to help you catch up before race day!

For my full race reports done as the sessions are run and full of detail try – Moto3 here, or Moto2 here.

For a briefer, combined round up there is also, just click the links for more!

MotoGP Motegi 2014 race reports…


make for some great reading if you couldn’t get up for 3am!

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When you can’t find a repeat and you need to know what happened beside Marquez excellent championship win and Lorenzo’s racecraft – and lets face it Moto3 and Moto2 were EARLY if you were watching in Europe – here’s some of my race reports to give you a flavour of the action!

Moto3 had it all, with a six way battle and a final lap victory, for more on this in my race report (from 3am!) for here.

Moto2 had a breakaway and a chase, the race report for that, also at crash is here.

For a combined, shorter report you can also visit here.

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Marquez’s 2014 Japanese special helmet and championship winning no1 gold lid!


Because when you are crowned the 2014 world champion you can have as many special helmets as you like!

Images first, more to follow…





Brno qualifying reports…

Are online now!

Missed out on the young future stars of MotoGP in the support classes and want to catch up before they bring the best racing tomorrow? Try these links on for size!

My Moto3 and Moto2 reports at are available by clicking on the links, they’re my favourite bit of the day as they’re written ‘live’ and delivered straight after the action.

For a summary of both classes you can also try out my joint report from later in the day at

MotoGP: Marquez joins the Indianapolis special helmet ranks


He’s the championship leader annihilator, marching forward with a perfect record for race wins so far this season, so it’s really no big surprise that Marc Marquez has a special helmet ready to share for his American fanbase for the Indy race weekend.

The stars and stripes design is fairly standard for an American themed helmet, but the little graphic on the back featuring the phrase ‘USA special’ and a race marshal waving chequered flags is quite, well, special.

He gave a little reveal of it previously when he took it to watch the Indy mile and Tweeted this picture of it:


MotoGP Assen race round-ups…


Are online now!

You may have missed Assen’s Saturday special but…you know the drill…

For the latest in  Moto2 and Moto3  – I have just the links you need !

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(Why is Ant West looking so happy? Well it did rain…)

My Moto3 qualifying report at can be found here, and Moto2 here.

For a brief summary of the two there is also my shorter combined round up for both classes over at Paddock Chatter, something for everyone – just follow the links!

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