MotoGP Motegi 2014 race reports…


make for some great reading if you couldn’t get up for 3am!

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When you can’t find a repeat and you need to know what happened beside Marquez excellent championship win and Lorenzo’s racecraft – and lets face it Moto3 and Moto2 were EARLY if you were watching in Europe – here’s some of my race reports to give you a flavour of the action!

Moto3 had it all, with a six way battle and a final lap victory, for more on this in my race report (from 3am!) for here.

Moto2 had a breakaway and a chase, the race report for that, also at crash is here.

For a combined, shorter report you can also visit here.

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Marquez’s 2014 Japanese special helmet and championship winning no1 gold lid!


Because when you are crowned the 2014 world champion you can have as many special helmets as you like!

Images first, more to follow…





MotoGP Motegi qualifying round ups…

In Europe? MotoGP qualifying too early for you? Catch up here!


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Moto3 was full of explosive action and some great results for the Brits learn more here in my race report for

Moto2 was all about Tito Rabat and his need for pole more on that also at here.

For a shorter round-up of both in the same place you can visit paddock chatter too!

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Motegi’s Manga for MotoGP returns for 2014


Motegi, and a lack of sleep due to the time difference, are almost here. So, as is now commonplace and hotly anticipated, that means it’s Official Motegi Manga time!

Again the artwork for the MotoGP race is exceptional, with Lorenzo looking particularly menacing in his quest for a win!

For more on the previous versions of the riders in previous years (including the ever popular ‘Crazy Crutchlow’!) try my previous blog posts listed below:

Image of the GP, Motegi: A picture of determination!

Many picture-worthy things occurred over the Japanese Grand Prix weekend at Motegi, from that helmet to the first championship being sealed in Moto2.

So I figured it was more interesting to pick an image depicting something more likely to have been missed in all the Motegi madness.

Here’s the Japanese Image of the GP, A picture of determination and dedication:

Mlav push motegi

Michael Laverty shows his dedication to the cause and uses a good old fashioned push to get the job done after running out of fuel. Image shared by Michael Laverty himself via Twitter, editorial use only.

Out of fuel? Clearly in the Laverty household that is no excuse for giving up. The PBM CRT bike was pushed over the line in 19th place, leaving Laverty as the last finisher not to be lapped.

Though not the first rider to use the technique in recent years, hello Julian Simon after his crash at Le Mans in 2012, it is unusual to see near a race end, they usually just hold on a take a lift back with a team-mate!

That kind of dedication to your team will hopefully secure something good for Michael Laverty in 2014.

Motegi madness! Moto3 and Moto2 reports online now!

What racing! After the weather left an empty programme The Japanese Motegi Grand Prix’s at Motegi really made up for the wait.

Lorenzo did all he could to take the MotoGP battle down to the wire, whereas Marquez rode an intelligent race in second, though he had much work to do off the track too after apologising hard for THAT t-shirt and helmet design, tweeting :

“My special helmet was designed to be a symbol of thanks to all my Japanese colleagues & fans so I am very sorry if it caused any offence.”

Good on him to have the strength of character to apologise. Picture of the helmet here:

Moto2 and Moto3 detailed race reports can be found here at, Moto3 was a thriller and Moto2 has a champion so well worth a look.

The brief round up is as usual at Paddock Chatter here, just click the links to share, comment, like, tweet and discuss!

I also have a special feature on Espargaro’s title win in moto2 and how it was not meant to be for Redding here:



Motegi Moto2 and Moto3 qualifying reports online now!

All the weather. That’s how best to describe the Motegi Grand Prix weekend so far.

With rain, clouds wind ans even the sun putting in an appearance it gave the chance for some unusual names to fill the top spots on the grid for Sunday’s Japanese Grand Prix!

For a quick round up visit paddock chatter, my report the covers both classes.

For detailed analysis there are also race reports from directly after each race (yes VERY early this week!) at for both Moto2 and Moto3, just click the links to share, like, tweet or discuss with other racing fans!

MotoGP: Marquez has special Motegi helmet design, and a poor choice of t-shirt!

Special helmet at the race where you might seal championship victory on Honda home soil = good idea.

Special t-shirt = oh so very, very bad.

Here’s the link to the offending Tweet on Twitter:

And here’s the image in question:

Marquez Motegi T

Marquez helmet and questionable T-shirt. Image via Marc Marquez on Twitter. Editorial use only, under fair use act.

The helmet is a nice rising sun edition of his usual ant design and is therefore in red and white, making for a neat design change.

The T-shirt. Oh, the T-shirt. The Tweet translated says:

“Special helmet and shirt for a special GP in Japan, at home!!! 😉 Do you like?”

Well Marc, the helmet gets a big thumbs up, your choice of top, no.

He clearly means to show his love for the home country of his employers at a race which could prove to be very special for all of them. What he actually shows is ignorance at best. Where does he get his advice from?! Sack the stylist! (Wonder if he had a champion t-shirt printed in a bulk discount job at the same time…)

UPDATE : Image is also on the back of the helmet, so may not sell so well if released as a limited edition!

MotoGP Japan weather update : FOG! (friday practice cancelled)

After all the rain and the typhoon warning it was fairly obvious the the Japanese MotoGP race weekend at the Twin Ring circuit in Motegi was not going to go to plan. The weather, however, had yet another trick up it’s sleeve – FOG.

Low clouds, fog and generally poor vision meant that the safety/medical helicopter could not take off under Japanese law. No helicopter means no session (safety first!)

This however has had a massive impact on the weekends scheduling. No action on Friday coupled with the same conditions predicted for Saturday has left practice, qualifying and even the race up in the air, with several scenarios possible to assure a race actually takes place.

Race Direction have issued the following contingency plan:

The helicopter is currently based five minutes from the circuit. If the clouds do not dissipate there it will be DISASSEMBLED, transported to the track by road and reassembled so it can be used.

Several ideas are in the pipeline to get as much track action in as possible. weather dependent, naturally.

Race Director Mike Webb added:

“We also have a draft schedule for Sunday; we have prepared a possible plan, in case we don’t have any practice tomorrow, which would be 40 minutes for each qualifying session. Also, teams have proposed that perhaps they would like a single, longer practice session rather than two. We need to discuss this with the riders as well, to make sure they agree with these possibilities”.

Once the Saturday weather has been analysed, further plans will be revealed. These may include a longer or combined FP3/qualifying, qualifying moved to Sunday – meaning action would have to start at around 6am Japan time to fit everything in, with a small possibility remaining that the race could move to Monday.

This may end up being more complex than Phillip Island!

Weather warning! Typhoon warning for Motegi MotoGP!

Weather has been bad in MotoGP before, remember when Rossi won at Indy in 2008 in the leftovers of a hurricane?

With news it is going to hammer it down for Most of the Japanese Grand Prix weekend there has been much use of ‘in the land of the rising sun’ and ‘rain on my parade’ in pre-race reports.

Former World Champion Nicky Hayden has posted a picture to Twitter suggesting it may be more serious than that.

Motegi weather warning

Nicky Hayden briefly turns weatherman for us all with this update from his Twitter account @NickyHayden.
For editorial use only, under fair use act

Accompanied by Hayden’s text : “I seen a lot in racing but first time I got one of the notices” it seems IRTA have taken the unusual step of notifying everyone that it’s going to be stormy weather, REALLY stormy weather ( it was already with all the championships so delicately poised, but now there’s actual stormy weather ahead too!).

Here’s hoping Moto3 don’t blow away or get washed down pitlane, there called the lightweight class for a reason !

And that the BBC’s Matt Roberts has brought a titanium strength brolly, can’t let the best MotoGP anchor get wet! Plus he promised great outfits for the weekend!

On a more serious note, after the Australian debacle it would be nice if the weather didn’t see fit to ruin Japan too!