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Want to know who made the front row for some fine racing in the Tuscan hills on Sunday in Moto2 and Moto3? Here is all the information:

My Moto3 race report at can be found here, and Moto2 here.

For a brief summary of the two there is also my shorter combined round up for both classes over at Paddock Chatter, something for everyone – just follow the links!

Moto2 was especially exciting for Sam Lowes stellar performance…

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MotoGP: Rossi’s Mugello helmet – a first look


Mugello always means special helmet time for the Italian riders, with Valentino Rossi’s generating the most interest and for his 300th Grand Prix start we have…Pasta!


Hopefully he won’t be tempted to overcook it! (The text “non scuoce mai” translates form Italian as never overcook).

Any updates on an exact meaning or a quote from Rossi on his helmet design will mean an update to this post later.

MotoGP: Melanie Sykes officially leaves BT Sport coverage

British TV based post warning! (Sorry international readers!)


With Fridays anchor-less coverage of round six at Mugello underway and all the clues in place BT Sport moved today to confirm that Melanie Sykes was no longer going to be at the helm of their MotoGP coverage.

The daytime TV regular had been absent at the previous Le Mans round due to ‘personal circumstances’ and her replacements impressed.  One of those replacements was Craig Doyle; motorsport presenter and MotoGP Tonight host; who revealed he was not covering the Isle of Man TT on Sunday and would be working at BT Sport instead:

Tweet ITV4 Craig Doyle

Removed, but not at ITV4, who clearly love their presenters work – and his tweets! image in the public domain via the ITV4 Twitter feed. Used under the fair use act for reporting purposes. Editorial use only.

He will be fronting the coverage for this weekend at the very least and due to his popularity and knowledge is a good bet to deservedly keep the position.

BT Sport - Presenters - Melanie Sykes

As they were: The BT Sport team, including Sykes, centre Image from BT Sport’s original promotion campaign on Twitter at @btsportmotogp


The BT Sport statement:

“We regret to say that Mel Sykes will no longer be a part of the presenting team on MotoGP for BT Sport.  BT Sport’s approach is to operate a team of presenters and experts who work across both live and magazine programmes.  Mel has other broadcasting commitments which prevent her from being able to do this and as a result working across BT Sport MotoGP programming is no longer viable. We wish Mel all the best in the future.”

So after just five rounds (well, four if you count out her Le Mans no-show) we see our first major change in the BT coverage of MotoGP and regardless of how it came about it is a well received one, especially in social media terms.

As their coverage continues to improve and impress it will be interesting to see what happens next…

Inside Moto3: Jack Miller’s rise to the top of the championship.


“One doctor told me to put an axe through the bike!” – Sonya Miller, Jack’s manager and mother.

So many people from all walks of life grow up dreaming of emulating their heroes and being the best at whatever it is they love – music, film, sport, art, writing – the list goes on.

Hobbies are the first fruit of that interest and money is quickly invested in ballet shoes, pencils or keyboards – whatever is needed.

What if your child is a massive motorsport fan?

What if they have a lot of potential and that means eventually paying to ride and leaving the country?

Moto3 rolls into Mugello this weekend for round six of the world championship with Australian teenager Jack Miller leading the way by 30 points – more than a race win – so he will head off to Catalunya as the championship leader regardless of how this race turns out.

The Miller clan minus big brother Fergus with Jack far left

The Miller family, minus big brother Fergus, at home in Queensland. Image via used with permission.

Miller impressed last season riding the life out of his underpowered Honda and scoring some good results, which earned him a top ride for 2014 at the multi-title winning Ajo Motorsport team.

Not everyone is lucky to be cherry picked and handed excellent equipment from the off and I was lucky enough to be able to speak to Sonya Miller, Jack’s manager and mother about the struggles involved in entering Grand Prix racing as Miller’s rise to the top has been hard work, not just for him, but for his family too.

The most wonderful thing about writing this Q&A was the unique insight Sonya could give from her dual role and all the entertaining and insightful answers she provided. An awesome human being to work with.

Below is are some short excerpts from the Q&A, with the full version available at

It’s an excellent look at the financial and often hidden side of racing, well worth a look. Why not comment or share to get involved or visit me on Twitter – @LisaLewisWrites

PaddockChatter got the chance to speak exclusively to Miller’s manager, Sonya Miller – who currently has a dual interest in the 19-year-olds career as both his manager and mother – for an inside account of the sacrifices needed to go all the way in the world championship paddock- finances, broken bones and all…

Successful start Miller takes win number one in Qatar

Successful start: Miller takes win number one in Qatar Image via with permission.

Jack has a big personality, akin to the like of Schwantz, Sheene or Rossi – which is being embraced by the sport already as it’s been missing a true character to take to heart. He still seems very grounded though. Has he changed at all since his first taste of success this season?

I was worried about what he would be like when we went to Qatar after such a good pre-season. Those worries were soon allayed with the first hug I got – he’s exactly the same as he always was.

I think Aki (Ajo, Team Manager) has been a good grounding influence on him…

Not being gifted an easy route into the sport has meant a lot of pushing underpowered machinery to the limit to get noticed and that’s resulted in plenty of broken bones over the years. Does seeing your son in hospital ever become easier or normalised?

Never. You learn a lot over the years – I can now see the breaks easily on x-rays . It got to the stage where we would get in the ambulance and they would ask medical history and I would say there’s a very thick folder at the hospital with everything in it, but I can tell you he hasn’t broken this before.
How close did you and Jack come to actually having to quit the paddock when your finances were under pressure?

It was a very close call but thanks to family and the sponsorship from Macca we could continue to the end of last year.

In a team where you pay there is no financial leniency it’s just business, no matter how well you are doing…

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MotoGP: Rossi’s Turtle Tartaruga Mugello 2013 helmet due in December

Back at the Mugello MotoGP race, before Valentino Rossi crashed out he was frantically waving around his most recent special helmet design for his home GP in Mugello, one of his best of recent years.

As expected after proving to be a popular design – despite the unpopular result for his fans – AGV have made a customer limited Corsa edition of the helmet which is due for release in early December, priced at £649.99 in the UK.

Rossi Mugello 2013

Rossi shows us his turtle themed helmet – available soon! Image for editorial use only under fair use act

From his toy ninja turtle as a child (which he fixed to his helmet in his mini moto days) to the one in the same style seen tattooed on his hip or the decal on his helmet visor the Italian has developed a long association and love for the turtle,  so it seemed likely that one day it may feature as the main design for one of Rossi’s helmets.

The design he chose for the Italian Grand Prix turtle helmet featured a cartoon turtle with two huge manga styled eyes. It was as always designed by long time collaborator Aldo Drudi.

The limited edition Tartaruga Mugello 2013 also features all the usual graphics on Valentino’s race helmet (except for sponsor logos and visor components and accessories) and has Rossi’s number 46 on the back as well as his two trusty bulldogs Cesare and Cecilia who  also wear turtle shells to keep in with the theme.

Here’s the technical bit:

The Corsa combines the performance of the Pista GP with road-going characteristics such as adjustable ventilation and improved comfort without having to forgo the performance standards of the GP version.

Fitted with a Double D retention system, the outer shell is made SSL layers (aramid and glass fibres) and is available in 4 sizes.

The design is intended to cut to the minimum any interference with the racing suit and protective hump and to optimise safety even at high speed.

The spoiler has been designed to detach from the helmet in the event of an accident to increase the passive safety of the helmet

The visor can easily be removed as can the washable inner components.

For further information and more images of the helmet ahead of it’s release visit the AGV website here, which also includes a link at the top of the page to contact your nearest dealer for those interested in purchasing.

MotoGP: Didn’t you crash in Mugello? Bautista drives a train!

Considering he collided with Valentino Rossi in Mugello he’s maybe not your first choice for driving a train, nevertheless this is exactly what Gresini rider Alvaro Bautista found himself doing ahead of this weekends Catalunya Grand Prix.

Bautista the train driver

Alvaro Bautista getting to grips with the trains controls – hopefully!
Image via Bautista – @19Bautista on Twitter

Seemingly very happy to be given a tour of the drivers cab, the Spaniard took the Renfe train from his home in Talavera to Madrid ahead of this weekends race action, where hopefully his race will last a bit longer than it did in Italy after his much talked about racing incident with fan favourite Valentino Rossi, here’s a picture recap:

Bautista Rossi Racing Incident

Rossi and Bautista’s racing incident, via

MotoGP: Pedrosa claims Marquez Mugello improvements down to using his data


When Pedrosa had his name in lights… this trailer shows both riders are long time Honda favourites…
Image by Lisa Lewis



Championship leader Dani Pedrosa scored second in last Sundays Italian Gran Prix after regaining the position Marc Marquez had taken from him when his rookie team-mate crashed out of the race.



It seems however that the Spanish Honda veteran is annoyed at the changes made by Marquez over the weekend which allowed him to make drastic improvements in his performance on race day, claiming in an interview with Catalunya Radio that the competitiveness of the teenager was due to Marquez being given his set-up data.



Spainish website reported that Pedrosa told his local station: “Marquez’s race was surprising after falling so hard on Friday and Saturday, but we know that he copied our bike settings. His team were given all the information that we gathered on Saturday to improve traction and I guess then it is easier.”



Data sharing first became a major issue in the Honda garage back in 2008 when Pedrosa’s manager Albeto Puig was embroiled in a war of words with then team-mate Nicky Hayden, telling at the time that:



“Hayden may be bothered because now he can’t access information and telemetry data from Dani’s bike. With this information he was able to improve his riding, as he had all of Dani’s references and now he can’t use that any longer.”





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MotoGP: Hold on to your lunch – Bradley Smith shows us his finger injury!

Tech3 rookie Bradley Smith always tries hard to keep his fans as up to date and included as possible, though his recent Twitter post revealing the full extent of the damage to his finger from his Mugello crash may have proven too graphic for some.

Bearing in mind the Oxfordshire rider RACED with this injury, due to be operated on today (Monday) in Italy, the pictures are fairly shocking, even for those seasoned to such material through following motorcycle racing.

He received support from many other riders in the paddock including current World Champion Jorge Lorenzo who used his preferred social media platform Twitter to sent the following well wishes to the Briton:

Great race mate. Very brave and tough. Altough try to avoid crashing in the future, this bikes don’t joke… Good recovery.”


Picture coming up next WARNING : VERY GRAPHIC AND GORY finger injury ahead…scroll down after the considerate gap!





Smith finger Mugello

Bradly Smith shows off the full extent of his injury woes.
Image via Smith’s official Twitter account – @BradleySmith38


Image of the GP: when Rossi’s dream ended in a ‘racing incident’

There was really only one image to go for and unfortunately it came early in the race –  the moment Valentino Rossi’s dream Mugello comeback was ended by contact from Alvaro Bautista.

Willing to be partially to blame after finding himself further down the field than expected after a poor start from clutch issues, Rossi also stated it was entirely possible Bautista hadn’t seen him, which happened to be the Spaniards take on things.

Race Direction concluded it was a racing incident and released the following statement:

“Regarding the incident between Valentino Rossi (ITA) and Alvaro Bautista (ESP) in the MotoGP race of Mugello on 2 June. The Race Direction has reviewed the incident and held a hearing with both riders where all available evidence was reviewed. Based on this evidence the Race Direction decision is that it was a racing incident and no further action will be taken.”

Bautista Rossi Racing Incident

Rossi and Bautista’s Racing Incident in Mugello

Moto3 and Moto2 round-up: well timed wins for Salom and Redding

Time for an update on the Moto2 and Moto3  support classes did at the Mugello Grand Prix!

I’ll focus on the front podium places here, with more detail available in my full race round-up at Paddock Chatter or the detailed race reports available for Moto3 and Moto2 at, just click on the orange links!

redding win mugello

Scott Redding celebrates his historic win at Mugello.
Image Via Marc VDS Press

Moto3 round up:

Luis Salom moved to the front of a pack of six riders who made a big fight of the Mugello Moto3 Grand Prix.



The Spaniard led an all Spanish, all KTM podium with his second win of the season for his Red Bull Ajo team, though all six in the leading group – Salom,Rins,Oliveira,Folger,Vinales and Marquez – were in with the chance of a win in a closely fought race.



It was Alex Marquez who made the difference when an overconfident move on his Estrella Galicia machine by the younger Marquez brother caused most of the opposition to need to sit up or move, leaving a gap clear for Salom who took full advantage to break at the front.



Team Mate Alex Rins, who look to be holding something in reserve had to settle for second, Team Calvo’s Maverick Vinales was happy to keep his consistent run of podiums, like Salom he has been on the rostrum every race so far this season, was third.

Moto3 Italian Grand PrixTop 15 :



1.Luis Salom SPA Red Bull KTM Ajo (KTM) 39m 53.827
2. Alex Rins SPA Estrella Galicia 0,0 (KTM) 39m 53.926
3. Maverick Viñales SPA Team Calvo (KTM) 39m 54.130
4. Miguel Oliveira POR Mahindra Racing (Mahindra) 39m 54.584
5. Alex Marquez SPA Estrella Galicia 0,0 (KTM) 39m 54.646
6. Jonas Folger GER Mapfre Aspar Team Moto3 (Kalex KTM) 39m 55.260
7. Niccolò Antonelli ITA GO&FUN Gresini Moto3 (FTR Honda) 40m 10.291
8. Niklas Ajo FIN Avant Tecno (KTM) 40m 12.454
9. Eric Granado BRA Mapfre Aspar Team Moto3 (Kalex KTM) 40m 12.784
10. Jack Miller AUS Caretta Technology – RTG (FTR Honda) 40m 12.853
11. Zulfahmi Khairuddin MAL Red Bull KTM Ajo (KTM) 40m 12.974
12. Alexis Masbou FRA Ongetta-Rivacold (FTR Honda) 40m 12.981
13. Isaac Viñales SPA Ongetta-Centro Seta (FTR Honda) 40m 14.640
14. Brad Binder RSA Ambrogio Racing (Suter Honda) 40m 15.068
15. Jasper Iwema NED RW Racing GP (Kalex KTM) 40m 22.409

Moto2 race round up:

The history books were once again being re-written by Marc VDS rider Scott Redding in Moto2.



His win came after Aspar rider Nico Terol decided to allow the Brit to pass as he was struggling with his tyres and bike. Redding took the opportunity and gave him no hope of retaking the lead as he stamped his authority on the race and moved away from the Spaniard.



Redding now leads the championship by a huge 43 points. The 20 year old Kalex rider is the first person to win two races this season, and it was the first time he has won from a pole start.



He also becomes the first British rider to take back-to-back wins since Rod Gould in 1971 and the youngest to achieve that feat taking the record from legend Barry Sheene.


He is also only the third Brit to win at Mugello, joining Barry Sheene who won in 1976 in the 500cc class and Bradly Smith who won the 125cc race in 2009.



Terol’s second place was his second podium visit of the year after his win in Austin. Joining them on the rostrum was Johann Zarco for Came Iodaracing Project, his first podium appearance in Moto2.

Moto2 Italian Grand Prix Top 15:

1.Scott Redding GBR Marc VDS Racing Team (Kalex) 39m 53.942
2. Nicolas Terol SPA Mapfre Aspar Team Moto2 (Suter) 39m 56.117
3. Johann Zarco FRA Came Iodaracing Project (Suter) 39m 58.329
4. Pol Espargaro SPA Tuenti HP 40 (Kalex) 40m 3.729
5. Mika Kallio FIN Marc VDS Racing Team (Kalex) 40m 3.793
6. Jordi Torres SPA Mapfre Aspar Team Moto2 (Suter) 40m 4.586
7. Simone Corsi ITA NGM Mobile Racing (Speed Up) 40m 4.660
8. Alex De Angelis RSM NGM Mobile Forward Racing (Speed Up) 40m 4.786
9. Thomas Luthi SWI Interwetten Paddock Moto2 Rac (Suter) 40m 4.842
10. Dominique Aegerter SWI Technomag carXpert (Suter) 40m 6.108
11. Toni Elias SPA Blusens Avintia (Kalex) 40m 6.115
12. Marcel Schrotter GER Desguaces La Torre SAG (Kalex) 40m 9.813
13. Esteve Rabat SPA Tuenti HP 40 (Kalex) 40m 21.861
14. Sandro Cortese GER Dynavolt Intact GP (Kalex) 40m 22.630
15. Randy Krummenacher SWI Technomag carXpert (Suter) 40m 22.915