MotoGP Valencia race reports online now!

What a race weekend! It was a pleasure to be able to report on the whole of the 2013 season and Valencia saw the year end with a flourish.

Moto3 surely has to go down as one of the best race ever in any class, race report available at here.

Moto2 sure proved that it had racing left in it even with the title decided, race report for that also on crash here.

For a briefer digest there’s always my race round-up for Paddock Chatter.

This is also my final summary of the Redding/Espargaro title battle, plus I also have news on where Moto3 Brit John McPhee will be riding in 2013!

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Valencia qualifying reports online now!

It’s the final race weekend of 2013 and Valencia is buzzing. The t.v. shows that the Ricardo Tormo circuit was filled – and it’s only qualifying day!

Moto3 delivered with it’s qualifying session, perfectly setting up the three way battle for the title to decide who wins the championship, while Espargaro looked easy as the pressure was off and the title in his hands in Moto2.

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Motegi madness! Moto3 and Moto2 reports online now!

What racing! After the weather left an empty programme The Japanese Motegi Grand Prix’s at Motegi really made up for the wait.

Lorenzo did all he could to take the MotoGP battle down to the wire, whereas Marquez rode an intelligent race in second, though he had much work to do off the track too after apologising hard for THAT t-shirt and helmet design, tweeting :

“My special helmet was designed to be a symbol of thanks to all my Japanese colleagues & fans so I am very sorry if it caused any offence.”

Good on him to have the strength of character to apologise. Picture of the helmet here:

Moto2 and Moto3 detailed race reports can be found here at, Moto3 was a thriller and Moto2 has a champion so well worth a look.

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I also have a special feature on Espargaro’s title win in moto2 and how it was not meant to be for Redding here:



Phillip Island Qualifying Reports Online Now!

All change at Phillip lsland! A bike swap for MotoGP, Lorenzo with an extra seagull for much of qualifying and a shortened Moto2 race, with the title leader out of action!

For full race reports on  Moto2 and Moto3 visit  If you prefer a brief round-up of the action I have a round up at paddock chatter for both classes. There’s a lot to talk about so why not use the links to like, tweet or comment!

Sepang race reports online now!

Okay, MotoGP kind of fizzled out a little after the battle between Marquez and Lorenzo died down but what of the support classes?

Moto3 and Moto2 both saw their pole-sitters go on to win their respective races, plus there’s that massive Moto2 crash to consider!

For a quick briefing on events in both classes can be found at PaddockChatter.

For more detailed analysis my Moto2 and Moto3 reports written live this morning are at along with a detailed analysis of the Moto2 title battle between Brit Scott Redding and his main title rival Pol Espargaro here:

Rabat Sepang

In control, rabat at Sepang
image via Pons Tuenti HP 40

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Sepang qualifying reports online now!

So you know who’s on pole in MotoGP? Ok, then how about checking out the champions of the future in Moto2 and Moto3?

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For a quicker analysis you can check out my Moto3 and Moto2 round up on Paddock Chatter. Again just click the link for more!

Salom and Rabat sure mean business this weekend so it’d be a shame to miss out!

Moto3 and Moto2 Aragon qualifying reports online now!

Moto3 and Moto2 round-ups: Dominant performances leads to pole for Rins and Terol…

Terol Austin Aragon

Terol won in Austin, can he do it again in Aragon?
image via Mapfre Aspar

Well it’s a race weekend again, and you’ll probably keep up-to-date with the MotoGP goings-on, but what happened in the support class qualifying sessions.

To find out more about the excellent performances of Alex Rins and Nico Terol and how title race leaders  Luis Salom and Scott Redding both struggled you can check out my round up on or for more in-depth coverage my Moto3 and Moto2 reports are available at

Hopefully both races will live up to the promise shown in qualifying!

Moto2 and Moto3 Silverstone qualifying reports online now!

Marquez made Lorenzo look very sad and confused, but what happened in the support classes?

Vinales took pole in Moto3 in a positive and dominant performance and Redding couldn’t quite get pole being beaten by Nakagami at home, but having a few grid places on rival Espargaro, commanding rides from the pole sitters in all classes then!

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Injury Updates – Cortese’s broken wrist and other stories…

Rider’s like to show you just how badly they got hurt, almost like a badge of honour. Bradley Smith took it to extremes with some frankly quite gory images of his finger injury earlier in the year.

Rather more sedate are Sandro Cortese’s x-rays following his accident in Brno last weekend.

cortese post brno x ray

All fixed and on the mend…Cortese shares his surgery secrets!
Image via @Sandrissimo11 on Twitter

The Moto3 champion showed his battle scars from the Brno round but he was not the only rider carrying injury or getting a new one!

Let’s investigate who may struggle to make Silverstone…

Intact GP revealed Cortese is keen to attempt to make the Brirish Grand Prix, despite his operation being the same week, having taken place on Monday

“Many greetings from Sandro out of the hospital, fresh from his arm surgery. He wants to be sure to try at Silverstone…” was Tweeted by the team. The German Moto2 rider adding “trying to recover as fast as I can”.
UPDATE: Cortese has arrived and will attempt to participate
A painful crash lead to a painful injury for Frenchman Mike Di Meglio, who sustained a compound fracture to his Coccyx (bottom area!) and will be out of Moto2 action for around a month.
UPDATE:  Cadwell BSB podium finisher Jason O’Halloran will be riding the JiR bike as a replacement for the very injured Mike Di Meglio, congratulations to the Australian and good luck as a last minute replacement!
Also in Moto2 Thitipong Warokorn, Ratthapark Wilairot’s replacement, rode  to the finish Brno race with displaced fibula fracture, from his practice crash.
In Moto3 Luis Salom has postponed the surgery he needs on his broken foot/ankle that he has been suffering through for the past few rounds.
Karel Abraham remains undecided after spending most of the season injured, he was hit again in Brno by wild-card Martin Bauer.
The Czech rider  already missed the Grands Prix of Americas and Spain following a crash in Texas which resulted in a dislocated right collarbone, then returned but missed the Indianapolis race after suffering contusion of his left shoulder and left foot when he highsided and still causes him pain now.
UPDATE: Abraham elected not to ride at the British Grand Prix
MotoGP rider Claudio Corti is expected to ride after suffering a concussion from his fall .
There were plenty of wounded souls circulating before the MotoGP paddock headed into the Czech Republic, lets hope Silverstone is a little kinder.

Image of the GP – Brno: What do you mean by ‘injured’ ?!

Moto3 is full of characters, Luis Salom is one of them.

He has already made Image of the GP for commandeering a deck chair after crashing out of a qualifying session, for more on that, click here

Today’s Brno race-winner gets today’s  Image of the GP for spending most of the weekend looking more like he should be on his way to hospital, not the top spot on the podium!

Salom on crutches

Not looking like a winner – Salom in the press conference with his crutches, which were used up to mounting his bike.
Image by, editorial use only under fair use act.

The Red Bull KTM rider actually looked fitter at the last round in Indianapolis, but used his crutches everywhere but on the bike, held back in fourth and pounced for the win.

Nice flip flops too, Salom!