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A final post to link to some great qualifying to write about, and hopefully read, can’t believe the last race of the season is here already!

For detailed as live Moto3 and Moto2 reports visit, click here for battle to the last in Moto3 and here for a record breaking Moto2.

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Recommended viewing: Challenge 125 – A hidden gem.


This review is for a UK TV series which has ended, though repeats are still showing on the Community Channel (Sky 539, Virgin 233, Freeview 63, Freesat 651 or BT vision) or you can try their on demand service to catch up with every episode online.

Hidden away on the Community Channel there has been some t.v. entertainment worthy of a Wednesday night in.

Challenge 125 has been the second series under the ‘Easy Riders’ banner, the first – Viva Valencia – I knew I would like as I knew what it was all about.

It saw MotoVentures main man Steve Keys, TV legend Danny John-Jules ( Yes, Cat in Red Dwarf) and former MotoGP presenter for the BBC Matt Roberts ride their Pink Yamaha M1’s (Matt somehow managed to score Lorenzo’s sleeker black M1) through France and Spain all the way to Valencia for the final race of the year.

ace viva valencia

How it all began – Danny John-Jules, Matt Roberts and Steve Keys at the Ace Cafe ahead of what would become series one.

They started from the Ace Cafe and I had a great time attending to see them off. I knew the drill. I knew Randy Mamola would feature. Plus my arm was in episode one. Bonus.

Challenge 125 was a dip into the unexpected. I knew the idea of the show from following social media.

Steve Keys and Danny John-Jules returned for a new challenge. Take a non-rider, teach them to ride and then ride out to Valencia again on a 125cc bike with just 125 pounds in your pocket to get you there, all in.

Before you think that’s crazy talk, the challenge is all in aid of an extremely worthy cause. Riders For Health is a charity which enables health workers in Africa to have reliable transportation to provide healthcare. Visit for more information.

This second series is again narrated with ease and humour by Chris Barrie (Yes, Dwarf fans that’s double for you, Rimmer’s in too!) but the action helps him along the way.

From the X-Factor like choice of novice, where former 125cc rider and Isle Of Man participant Danny Webb steals the show, all the way through food bickering, sneaky burgers, dodgy karaoke attempts, Mr John-Jules’ legally debatable firestarting to the relief of arriving in Spain, there’s fun all the way despite the serious work of shepherding a novice around and the serious and welcome reminders of the charity it’s all in aid of.

This  review aims to not give too much away in the hope more people will discover and love the show too, it’s still available online and worth seeking out, there’s not many bike-based shows on the t.v. and it’s comic elements make it great entertainment.

It’s worth taking the chance to catch up now too, soon the boys will be launching the latest installment – series three – ‘Five Peaks Challenge’ – and it promises to be as good as Steve Keys and Danny John Jules this time enlist the help of female stunt rider Chesca Miles for their latest trip with series four already filming!

Need to know more?

Background to the current series can be found at the MotoVentures website.

Why not try Twitter for the latest,  @TheEasyRidersTV has all you need to know!







MotoGP- Moto2/Moto3: Rabat and Antonelli leave Valencia test on top

Looks like this seasons support classes will offer some extremely closing racing if testing is anything to go by.

Marc VDS 2014 Valencia Moto2 test Tito Esteve Rabat

Different team…still fast. Tito Rabat finished with the fastest time during the test, he is no longer tied to his Spanish Radio Sponsor number 80 now at Marc VDS, choosing 53 for 2014.
Image:Marc VDS


There was action before the test even began.

In Moto2 Xavier Simeon lost his teeth in a big crash at a private test in Almueria: – Simeon set to miss Valencia test (my report, click link for more)

In Moto3 Eric Granado moved from Aspar to Team Calvo (who last year were home to championship winner Maverick Vinales) as sponsorship came before talent. He’s a Red Bull rider and then Aspar signed a big deal with another brand…(though to be fair they did help him find somewhere else to ride and not filling their vacated seat suggests to me they maybe helped foot the bill too…): – Granado makes transfer from Aspar to Calvo (again, by me – click link for more)

Times were close at the top over the three day test with Moto2 seeing the whole top ten under 1m 36s. Maverick Vinales who moves up to Moto2 as the reigning Moto3 champion, has been quickly on the pace at the Pons team and his time on the final day was just slower than the overall fastest posted by Marc VDS rider Tito Rabat:

“I’m very happy for the feeling with the bike and with the team during these three days in Valencia. We worked very well, trying many different things on the bike – suspension, swinging arm and fairings – and we learnt a lot. We made improvements to the bike and also found a good rhythm during our race simulation today. Now we need to head down to Jerez to confirm everything at a different track, under different conditions and, hopefully, make one step more.”

In Moto3 Austrailan Jack Miller showed off his skills after joining the KTM ranks for 2014 with the fastest final day time for the Red Bull Ajo team, but it was Niccolo Antonelli, also now a KTM rider, who remained fastest overall. Britains Danny Kent and Romano Fenati at VAlentino Rossi’s Sky sponsored 46 team also went sub-1m 40s.

The top eight bikes were all KTM powered when Husqvarna and Kalex-KTM’s included, indicating that once again the riders on anything else will struggle for the top spots. Mahindra had the ninth fastest bike with the first Honda showing up in tenth, it was piloted by Alex Rins – a title contender last year- at Estrella Galicia last year before they went against the majority and swapped FROM KTM to Honda. Oh Dear.

The next official test is just next week in Jerez -from February 18-20.


Valencia combined Moto2 times:

1. Esteve Rabat  Marc VDS Racing Team (Kalex) 1m 35.155
2. Maverick Viñales  Pons HP 40 (Kalex) 1m 35.302
3. Takaaki Nakagami  Idemitsu Honda Team Asia (Kalex) 1m 35.337
4. Thomas Luthi Interwetten Paddock Moto2 (Suter) 1m 35.422
5. Sandro Cortese  Dynavolt Intact GP (Kalex) 1m 35.564
6. Jordi Torres  Mapfre Aspar Team Moto2 (Suter) 1m 35.643
7. Mika Kallio  Marc VDS Racing Team (Kalex) 1m 35.690
8. Nico Terol  Mapfre Aspar Team Moto2 (Suter) 1m 35.715
9. Julian Simon  Italtrans Racing Team (Kalex) 1m 35.725
10. Luis Salom  Pons HP 40 (Kalex) 1m 35.844
11. Alex De Angelis  Tasca Racing Moto2 (Suter) 1m 36.033
12. Sam Lowes  Speed Up (Speed Up) 1m 36.082
13. Johann Zarco  Caterham Moto Racing (Caterham Suter) 1m 36.222
14. Axel Pons  Argiñano & Gines Racing (Kalex) 1m 36.335
15. Dominique Aegerter  Technomag CarXpert (Suter) 1m 36.384
16. Jonas Folger  Argiñano & Gines Racing (Kalex) 1m 36.439
17. Anthony West  QMMF Racing Team (Speed Up) 1m 36.534
18. Josh Herrin  Caterham Moto Racing (Caterham Suter) 1m 36.566
19. Marcel Schrotter  Tech 3 (Tech 3) 1m 36.684
20. Franco Morbidelli  Italtrans Racing Team (Kalex) 1m 36.785
21. Louis Rossi  SAG Team (Kalex) 1m 36.852
22. Hafizh Syahrin  Petronas Raceline Malaysia (Kalex) 1m 36.886
23. Lorenzo Baldassarri  Gresini Moto2 (Suter) 1m 36.926
24. Azlan Shah  Idemitsu Honda Team Asia (Kalex) 1m 36.955
25. Alex Mariñelarena  Tech 3 (Tech 3) 1m 37.015
26. Roman Ramos  QMMF Racing Team (Speed Up) 1m 37.067
27. Gino Rea  AGT-Rea Racing (Suter) 1m 37.141
28. Randy Krummenacher  Iodaracing Project (Suter) 1m 37.151
29. Thitipong Warokorn  A.P. Honda SAG Team (Kalex) 1m 37.867
30. Robin Mulhauser Technomag CarXpert (Suter) 1m 37.878
31. Tetsuta Nagashima  Teluru Team JiR Webike (MotoBI) 1m 38.915


Valencia Moto3 combined times:

1. Niccolo Antonelli  Junior Team GO&FUN Moto3 (KTM) 1m 39.454
2. Jack Miller  Red Bull KTM Ajo (KTM) 1m 39.462
3. Danny Kent  Red Bull Husqvarna Ajo (Husqvarna) 1m 39.726
4. Romano Fenati  Sky Racing Team by VR46 (KTM) 1m 39.885
5. Isaac Viñales  Calvo Team (KTM) 1m 40.060
6. Francesco Bagnaia  Sky Racing Team by VR46 (KTM) 1m 40.103
7. Juanfran Guevara  Mapfre Aspar Team Moto3 (Kalex-KTM) 1m 40.112
8. Enea Bastianini  Junior Team GO&FUN Moto3 (KTM) 1m 40.166
9. Miguel Oliveira  Mahindra Racing (Mahindra) 1m 40.206
10. Alex Rins  Estrella Galicia 0.0 (Honda) 1m 40.231
11. Livio Loi  Marc VDS Racing Team (Kalex-KTM) 1m 40.394
12. Arthur Sissis  Mahindra Racing (Mahindra) 1m 40.409
13. Jakub Kornfeil  Calvo Team (KTM) 1m 40.444
14. Efren Vazquez  Saxoprint-RTG (Honda) 1m 40.546
15. Philipp Oettl  Interwetten Paddock Moto3 (Kalex-KTM) 1m 40.601
16. Alex Marquez  Estrella Galicia 0.0 (Honda) 1m 40.629
17. Eric Granado  Calvo Team (KTM) 1m 40.694
18. Hafiq Azmi  SIC-Ajo (KTM) 1m 40.734
19. Brad Binder  Ambrogio Racing (Mahindra) 1m 40.965
20. Niklas Ajo  Avant Tecno Husqvarna Ajo (Husqvarna) 1m 41.127
21. John McPhee  Saxoprint-RTG (Honda) 1m 41.170
22. Ana Carrasco  RW Racing GP (Kalex-KTM) 1m 41.214
23. Karel Hanika  Red Bull KTM Ajo (KTM) 1m 41.258
24. Matteo Ferrari  San Carlo Team Italia (Mahindra) 1m 41.321
25. Luca Grunwald  Kiefer Racing (Kalex-KTM) 1m 41.542
26. Gabriel Ramos  Kiefer Racing (Kalex-KTM) 1m 41.749
27. Scott Deroue  RW Racing GP (Kalex-KTM) 1m 41.765
28. Alessandro Tonucci  CIP Moto3 (Mahindra) 1m 41.840
29. Jules Danilo  Ambrogio Racing (Mahindra) 1m 41.962
30. Zulfahmi Khairuddin  Ongetta-AirAsia (Honda) 1m 41.973
31. Andrea Locatelli  San Carlo Team Italia (Mahindra) 1m 42.043
32. Bryan Schouten  CIP Moto3 (Mahindra) 1m 42.392
33. Alexis Masbou  Ongetta-Rivacold (Honda) 1m 42.404


Moto2 Redding Vs Espargaro – Helmet wars! (Vote Now!)

They battled hard all season with Pol Espargaro eventually victorious but who won the Valencia helmet-off between the 2013 champion and runner-up Scott Redding?

Ok, so as he won we will first take a look at Espargaro’s celebratory effort:

Pol Espargaro shows of his shiny winning effort. Image via Espargaro on Facebook, editorial use only under the fair use act

Pol Espargaro shows of his shiny winning lid.
Image via Espargaro on Facebook, editorial use only under the fair use act.

The Spaniard has opted for a shiny and slightly expected gold winning effort, featuring a large splash of the yellow and green from his main design on the ‘world champion’ font.

It’s nice.

Next up is Scott Redding’s effort proving you can kick a man when he’s down but you can’t mess with his sense of style:

Redding's Valencia effort was touching. Image via @ianwheeler on twitter, who owns the image, editorial use only

Redding’s Valencia effort was touching. Image via @ianwheeler on twitter, who owns the image, editorial use only

Redding may have added a lost tooth to his injury list over the weekend but still had a loud and toughing helmet to show off ahead of Sunday’s Valencia race. Much bolder than Espargaro’s effort it’s a shame that the pain barrier the Brit fought hard against limited it’s screen time.

Redding also chose to carry a touching tribute to his team and their four years together on his leathers, in place of his name.

For me the winner is Redding. Cheerful, colourful and thankful, plus Pol already won something – the title!

Now here’s you’re chance to have a say, please vote, then I’ll add an update for the outcome!

For a more serious and informative look at the final round of the Moto2 championship for the duo try :

MotoGP Valencia race reports online now!

What a race weekend! It was a pleasure to be able to report on the whole of the 2013 season and Valencia saw the year end with a flourish.

Moto3 surely has to go down as one of the best race ever in any class, race report available at here.

Moto2 sure proved that it had racing left in it even with the title decided, race report for that also on crash here.

For a briefer digest there’s always my race round-up for Paddock Chatter.

This is also my final summary of the Redding/Espargaro title battle, plus I also have news on where Moto3 Brit John McPhee will be riding in 2013!

Click the links for more on any of the above or just to connect to fellow fans and tweet, like and comment with other race fans!

MotoGP: We are family! Valencia helmet heaven continues with Bautista

So much helmet news to discuss this weekend, but this could be my favourite:

Alvaro Bautista celebrates familia with his special Velencia effort. Image shARED VIA MotoRaceFeed via Twitter, editorial use only under the fair use act.

Alvaro Bautista celebrates familia with his special Velencia effort. Image shared via @MotoRaceFeed via Twitter, editorial use only under the fair use act.

Alvaro Bautista has gone for a family theme for his Valencia special edition, the Bautista clan appears to have a few babies on the go at the moment, lets hope he can give us a good view of it and build on his fourth place in Japan, helping set a first (first time four Spainsh riders have filled the top four spots in a GP!) It won’t look as good in the gravel!

Valencia qualifying reports online now!

It’s the final race weekend of 2013 and Valencia is buzzing. The t.v. shows that the Ricardo Tormo circuit was filled – and it’s only qualifying day!

Moto3 delivered with it’s qualifying session, perfectly setting up the three way battle for the title to decide who wins the championship, while Espargaro looked easy as the pressure was off and the title in his hands in Moto2.

Want more?

Brief support class round up as usual is available at Paddock Chatter. for Detailed Moto3 and Moto2 reports on just click and follow the links, and why not comment, share, like or tweet to connect with other motorsport fans while you are there? Ah, go on!

MotoGP: Aleix Espargaro’s pink Valencia A-Team helmet (it’s very pink!)

The lovely readers of this blog can be sorted into three types:

  • News readers interested in the Moto2 and Moto3 classes (the primary purpose of the blog)
  • F1 crossover chat – people who love motorsport really are passionate about it in all it’s forms, you lovely lot!
  • The helmet art fanatics, they’re not going to be hanging in the Tate Gallery anytime soon but boy are some of them interesting!

Valencia always has a lot of helmet action, sorry in advance to everyone else, but there will be lots of helmet art news/appreciation this weekend!

Second up for scrutiny is Aleix Espargaro’s extra pink helmet.

If you need someone to win the CRT title, and no-one else can help you, maybe you can hire the A-41 Team! Espargaro shows us his A-team inspired pink lid, image via artist Urydesigns on Instagram, who also features in the photo, editorial use only, under the fair use act.

If you need someone to win the CRT title, and no-one else can help you, maybe you can hire the A-41 Team! Espargaro shows us his A-team inspired pink lid, image via artist Urydesigns on Instagram, who also features in the photo, editorial use only, under the fair use act.

Aleix’s regular Shark lid is very pink anyway, but has taken away the giant 41 for an A-Team theme. The image was revealed by Oriol Gene of Ury Designs, you can also see it on Twitter by visiting @urydesigns.

All the angles! Image via Mierdaset's twitter account (yes I did spell that right, it's a parody account! Apologies for saying poo in Spanish, but they are the only people to show it in full! Details as above.

All the angles! Image via Mierdaset’s twitter account (yes I did spell that right, it’s a parody account! Apologies for saying poo in Spanish, but they are the only people to show it in full!) Details as above.

The rest of the helmet deals with what the A-41 team is A for Aleix; A for Aspar ; A for ART/Aprillia.

It is also a touching tribute not just to the team and factory he is leaving to move to NGM Forward racing’s Yamaha package next season (a nice reference and help point for his Tech3 Yamaha bound brother Pol) but also a means to celebrate being CRT champion and a thank you to his fans, having reached the milestone of 100,000 likes on Facebook. There’s a 44 on there too for his brother.

A touching tribute of a helmet for the Valencia round then!


MotoGP- Helmet News: Lorenzo’s Call Of Duty special has a familiar look!

Jorge Lorenzo is no stranger to a special helmet.

He also has a massive and well publicised love of computer games, he and his team-mate at Yamaha have been known to race each other online in the past, and he has worn a Halo themed helmet in the past.

The current world champion is also currently trying to play as many fans online as possible at his current favourite, the newly released Call Of Duty: Ghosts, so what better for the championship decider at Valencia than a special Call Of Duty themed helmet!

Lorenzo Call of Duty Ghosts helmet Valencia 2013

Game loving Lorenzo shows of his special Call Of Duty helmet, image via Jorge Lorenzo’s Facebook page, editorial use only, under fair use act.

In a season where the Spaniard has already brought us a glowing helmet, a green version of his ‘mamba’ lid and a grafitti covered charity special you could forgive Lorenzo for running out of ideas.

Although he is known for being a gamer, this time he was beaten to the Call Of Duty theme several races ago.

Though most people won’t have even noticed.

Here’s American Moto2 wild-card rider James Rispoli’s special helmet from his appearance at Indianapolis back in August:

Rispoli GP Tech Call Of Duty Ghosts

Great minds think alike? (Or at least get paid well for some great advertising!) Photo via and by Andrew Northcott. For editorial use only under the fair use act.

Rispoli featured his online gamer tag of “The Rocket7146” on his version so fans could go online and play against him too.

Rispoli 2

The back! All info as in previous image

The American finished the Indy Moto2 Grand Prix in 25th using his Mistral powered GP Tech bike, a decent ride for a wild-card made even more credible given the fact he was directly behind the regular Mistral riders; Danny Kent and Louis Rossi  for Tech3; who were 23rd and 24th respectively.

But not such a good finish for helmet-spotting!

Perhaps Rispoli and Lorenzo should get together for some online fun!

‘Call Of Duty’ does seem appropriate in title at least for the final round title shoot-out between Lorenzo and championship leader rookie revelation Marc Marquez (not a revelation in ability if you follow the support classes, but even for those in the know his adaptability and maturity have been astonishing) given the nature of the task in hand to win.

Hopefully his new HJC brings him better fortunes that previous years at Valencia, he was not fit to race in 2011 and was knocked off by a very apologetic James Ellison last year.

MotoGP: Hayden reveals 2013 Valencia test helmet early!

It appears Nicky Hayden is already looking to the future.

Who can blame him? After many years of dedication to Ducati the American; who was world champion in 2006 after Rossi fell in Valencia in a race that was poised at it’s start in the same way as the Lorenzo/Marquez battle this year;  is ready for his forthcoming move to the Aspar team.

He is so ready he has already shared the following image of his new lid on Twitter at @NickyHayden :

Nicky's New lid, shared by the Kentucky Kid himself, image for editorial use only, under fair use act

Nicky’s New lid, shared by the Kentucky Kid himself, image for editorial use only, under fair use act

The latest Arai special helmet for Hayden is once again covered in Starline graphics and is painted by his usual artist Roberto Marchionni, who posted the news in a reply that ” now I don’t think is possible make replica…but is possible after special edition painted hand. Thanks Roby”

So for those wanting a replica it sounds like there is a good chance. As long as you don’t expect him to paint them all by hand!

It is really nice to see a rider of Hayden’s caliber and quality ready to fight again after his long, hard stint at Ducati, adding RESET & PUSH HARDER and ‘The Next Match’ to his usual, equally positive personal mantra of ‘Let’s Get It’.

Here’s to seeing this helmet in action in his Honda return at the Valencia Test!