Moto2: Recommended Reading – Gino Rea’s Blog

If you follow the careers of any of our young British motorcycle talent Gino Rea never fails to stand out.

Gino Rea Brno Livery

More news from Gino Rea in his interesting WordPress blog
bike image by Gino Rea on Twitter – @ Gino Rea

Despite having the odds stacked against him, the Londoner has managed to fund sevreal wild-card appearances in the 2013 Moto2 season, including a string of performances in a row in Brno, at home at Silverstone and then in Misano.

Rea’s 22nd, in partnership with the Montaze Broz – aboard the only FTR in the championship, was extra special as he recorded this credible result as a non- regular rider while suffering with a broken hand. He had picked up the injury just one week previously in Silverstone.

The blog still manages to find humour despite tougher times, with an amusing note on meeting Marc Marquez in the medical centre a particular highlight.

Another plus to Gino’s blog is it is by him. It is not corporate or force-fed but instead a beautifully honest account of trying hard to secure a championship ride in a time where it is now all too common to pay-to-ride instead of being paid to ride well. Knowing the right people means everything too (no offense meant, but, hello Alex Pons, master of the expensive crash in Moto2, and in his father’s team for many years…hmmm).

And it’s right here on WordPress!

Why not check out his most recent post, Brno my home Grand Prix, my broken hand and Misano pain and see for yourself!


Don’t forget you can get involved to by visiting or buying coffee (yes, coffee, why not?!) at

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